All About Remote Controlled Gates

In the face of many up to date enhancements in energy-reduction technologies, an 1860s brilliant concept still remains, one of the cleverest solutions in availing comfort to the home for both rising heat temperatures and air circulation; the ceiling fan.

For those who have been living in a cave of late, a ceiling rolling code transmitter fan is – simply put, a mechanism hung from the ceiling in a room of your choice. Attached to a base are a number of blades with the only responsibility being that of circulating the air.

Ceiling fans can add simple grace or amazing elegance to anyone’s abode, depending upon personal likes and dislikes. For more than a century now they have become almost a standard feature for anyone who wishes to control rising costs in heating and cooling.

And like in many household items these days, technology has reared its head in the guise of a remote control. On those warm summer day’s you no longer have to drag you tired, hot body out of that comfortable chair to turn the ceiling fan on or turn it higher. If you have purchased and installed a remote control fan, all you need to do it pick up that handy dandy control and click on a switch!

The remotes that come with these fans offer a varied assortment of styles and speeds. Some even attempt to draw your attention to far away places by engraving a palm tree on it or tempt your decor senses with cherry wood finish. Still others offer futuristic designs and come with a plate holder. A lot of controls are equipped with dimmers for fans that come with lights.

If you ever lose any of your fan’s remotes, there is a “generic” one out there that can work with most of the well-know brands of fans. The universal of all universals is a Westinghouse. The options on this remote are unbelievable. Setting aside the basic on and off as well as the three speed availability on a fan, it offers a full range light dimmer, automatic on and off, an automatic temperature speed control, exit room timer, fan and light timers are separate, 50 foot operation capability, and no special wiring. Wow! It makes a wonderful asset to any fan.

Me personally, I am waiting for a remote controlled ceiling fan that is voice activated. Just say, “Turn on or high speed or turn off.” What is that old adage? “Look Ma, no hands!”