Urban Treasure Hunting

Many people have dreamed of Red Stag Argentina finding some lost treasure. Few people think that it would ever be possible to drop everything and go treasure hunting. Not only could it be very costly, but what about all the dangers involved? Many found treasures have come at great cost. Mel Fisher lost a daughter while searching for the sunken ship, Nuestra Señora de Atocha.

Today there is a way to go treasure hunting right in your own town. You might not find $450,000,000.00 like Mel Fisher did, but you could find some valuable treasures just the same. You may ask where you can find these treasures in Anytown, USA? Well they are located at you local Storage facility. More and more storages are being sold at auction for unpaid rent. As more and more homes are going into foreclosure, more and more storage units are being rented. And with times getting tougher, many storage units are not being paid for. The storage facility is forced to sell the contents at auction so that they can recoup their losses, and get the unit ready rent.

Just like every sunken ship was some ones misfortune, finding it was some one else’s good fortune. Just like every foreclosed home, is one person’s misfortune, it is someone else’s bargain home. It is just life. I know because I had my belongings sold at a storage auction years ago. That is how I found out about them in the first place. Now I enjoy urban treasure hunting for fun and profits.

You might find great home furniture, and completely furnish your home. You might get the contents of a restaurant that didn’t make it. I once found hundreds of pizza hut style pizza pans. I gave some to friends, and sold a lot on eBay, and I still use the ones I kept for my family every week. I love them.

I have found boxes of clothing that still have the new tags on them. You will simply be amazed at what you can find. Treasure hunting is as strong as ever. Urban treasure hunting can be a fun day spent with the family. Go to the auction, and buy a storage unit, and bring it home for everyone to go through. Don’t cheat and look through the boxes before you get home. Also, you only want to go to the auctions that have whole bin storage auctions. Avoid the storage facilities that have piece by piece auctions. You will end up spending the whole day there. At whole bin storage auctions, you will only be there for a little while, unless you win, then you will have to take time loading your truck.