Starcraft 2 Strategy – Zerg Vs Zerg Guide

Zerg has a associated with different options at the start of a game depending on what you want to do. First though I for you to talk for a second about rushing because it is a favorite of the Zerg player for strong reason. A good Zerg player can do a very successful late rush but I’d personally recommend staying away from the very early rushes that we are seeing all over battlenet right now. A gemstone and setting level player will not fall to an early rush and in fact, in most cases it will leave you in a worse position after the failed rush then the other guy.

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If anyone might have followed previously mentioned StarCraft 2 build order, at this stage on the game you’ll need be in a very make a zealot at intervals of gateway nicely probes at your nexus. Should you have about 15 probes and 6 zealots and a 28 food supply you’ll often rush the opponent.

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Defensive capabilities should are large role in deciding on the desired security for the system to collect your Eve ore in about. The less secure your system is, far more often rats will to appear in your system to disturb your mining and attain they always be. Once the security of your system falls below 0.5, you do not only have rats who disturb your efforts, but you have be concerned about about other players (pirates) attacking you as well.

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The initial way is mostly a “6/10” dash. In this strategy, the player does not develop any new drones to start and aims directly for Spawning Pond. This strategy is quite effective and valuable in 1v1 play and is incredibly easy to execute. Quickly get your drones ready and command the harvest mineral deposits. Once you hit 200 minerals, construct a Spawning Swimming. While the construction is in progress build two or more drones plus an overlord. Your Spawning pool is ready, queue in 3 Larva so where you can get 6 Zerglings. Begin sending these phones enemy base as soon as usually are very well ready.

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