Swine Flu Threatens Hajj – Pilgrims Banned From Saudi Arabia

The only country on the planet that requires that worldwide travelers receive the bacterial meningitis injection is Saudi Arabia. This is to safeguard the Saudi public, not the specific traveler. Bacterial meningitis is a major and also transmittable ailment.
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Numerous Muslim explorers will certainly head to Mecca this year for the Hajj expedition this November. Muslim tourists all over the world will certainly roll up their sleeves for the bacterial meningitis vaccine prior to separation, but there will certainly be much less explorers than in years past.

There will certainly be fewer Muslim vacationers this year due to concerns of ‘swine flu’ (H1N1) in Saudi Arabia. Concerning 2000 Saudis are infected with H1N1, including 16 haji furoda deaths Concern and hysteria are spreading out throughout the Muslim globe. Iraq as well as Iran have actually currently prohibited travel to Saudi Arabia for the Umrah ceremony throughout the present holy month of Ramadan. Businesses in the Mecca and also Medina areas are currently experiencing, as Ramadan was traditionally an extremely successful month for them.

Last month, Arab wellness preachers prohibited children, older residents as well as those with clinical problems from participating in the Hajj expedition to Mecca this November. Depending how ‘swine influenza’ plays out in the coming weeks, numerous federal governments might broaden the restriction on the Hajj expedition. The Hajj is the fifth pillar of the Islam belief and is a solemn responsibility of all Muslims. It needs to be done at the very least when by every Muslim who has the health and also means to do so. The H1N1 pandemic has actually unleashed medical and financial mayhem throughout the globe. It may likewise prevent watchful Muslims from keeping the confidence.

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