The duties and responsibilities of “Tourists Police” in Thailand

Tourist police officers play an important role in Thailand in managing and controlling both Thai and foreigners tourists. The Tourist Police Bureau is one of the units of the Royal Thai Police. Nowadays, there are numerous types of the tourist police and having the car of tourists police available in many places in Thailand. Advantageously, there are the tourist police centers to provide the services to the tourists such as at Samut Songkhram.

The function of Tourists Police in Thailand is to:

1.      Crime prevention patrol :

The tourist police will monitor the situation in tourism areas, such as major tourist destinations that are overcrowded. They oversee the security to ensure that the region is crime-free.

2.       Crackdown on illegal activities :

The tourist police will have normal and orderly suppression and investigation of illegal activities related to tourism. For example, if you travel in Thailand and face drug trafficking activities and you feel unsafe, the tourist police will come and investigate that area and control it.

3.      Maintain basic commands :

          The tourism police are responsible for enforcing fundamental restrictions in tourist sites. For example, on Pattaya Beach, the police must be knowledgeable with the norms and procedures that must be followed in order to regulate the visitors in such places.

4.      Provide the security service :

It is one of the responsibilities of the tourist police in providing security services to the tourists who enter Thailand such as geographic guidance for foreign tourists and solving problems that make them uncomfortable.

These are the top four primary responsibilities of Thailand’s tourism police. To summarize, tourist police are responsible for maintaining Thailand’s peace and preventing and suppressing crime throughout the country. Furthermore, they have the responsibility to operate and respect the Code as well as other laws linked to criminal acts across Thailand who have gone into Thailand temporarily for travel or other purposes pursuant to immigration law.

After learning about the police’s responsibilities, I’d like to give you some examples of situations in which you can contact the police. For example, if you are traveling at Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand and you are robbed by a bandit. In this case it is an emergency situation happening while traveling. Thus, if you are confronted with criminal actions that endanger your life and property. The tourist police may be reached by dialing “1155” all the time.

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